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Customer First

Maintenance, Service and After Sales Support

Putting "customers first" when it comes to customer service   
Since the introduction of Rainwater Tanks and systems into suburban areas across Australia, many tanks and systems are installed without adequate information provided to owners on routine maintenance of these products. This can lead to tanks, pumps and valves breaking down leading to poor water quality and dirty/tainted water being returned into the home.                        
H2enviro “Customer First” Rainwater Tank maintenance provides   
  • on site support to maintain your Rainwater Tank and Syste
  • on site education on routine maintenance for Rainwater Tanks/systems
  • tank, pump and valve repairs      
  • annual service and testing      
  • backflow prevention testing      
  • tank cleaning          
  • leaf screener products for cleaner, maintenance free gutters
  • reasonable rates and charges      
  • advantage care programs           
  • general maintenance assistance       
Your clients will receive a handover kit designed to provide additional information on the system and a guide to routine maintenance.

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